Woz U Software Developer Webinar – What to Know Before You Learn to Code? Scottsdale, Arizona, USA June 2019


The trend of the current world is building towards software development and you have definitely heard a lot of hype about it. Did you know how much demand in the year 2020 for software development jobs will be? There will be more than 1.4 million more software development jobs than applicants who can fill them (BLS)?

There is a great opportunity for the software developers making their future bright in as a software developer, or Software developer has one of the highest starting salaries of over $67,000  (CNN).

Exciting, right? What about your side? Is learning to code right for you?

Join us for a webinar; the word ‘webinar’ is a combination of ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. which gives good opportunity even if you’re just starting out. That gives you an inside look about the world of Software Development.

Covering these can’t miss topics:

How many jobs opportunities for Software development?

What to do? When you are *just getting started* in learning to code. First of all, you clear in your mind about coding. How to learn to code? Why learn to code?

The difference between programming languages, including JavaScript, Java, Ruby, and C#.


Here some basic information about some programming languages like:

JavaScript is the programming language of HTML and the Web. It is easy to learn. JavaScript is easy to understand and popular programming language in the world.

Java is a high-level programming language. It is open-source and free. It has huge community support. Java works on different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc.)

JavaScript and Java are totally different languages, both in concept and design.

Ruby is open-source and is freely available on the Web. It has a similar syntax to that of many programming languages such as C++ and Perl. It is very much scalable and big programs written in Ruby are easily maintainable.

C# is regularly used with Microsoft’s .NET framework to design web forms, web applications, windows applications, etc. C# is multiple languages, and mastering it may take more time than simpler languages such as Python.

Why this meetup?

Here you can get knowledge about What to Know Before You Learn to Code?  That information was given by Woz U Software Developer Webinar. On this occasion, it is the best platform for the beginner.

Organizes by Woz U

It is a programming bootcamp new to the Phoenix area! There plans are to host events throughout the year for programmers of all levels to participate in. Ultimately, they want to participate and make an impact in the local community!


Ammon King (expert instructor)

Ammon King is a Full Stack Instructor who helps students gain the knowledge and skills they need to join the world of software development. After being a software developer for 10 years, he decided that the best way to learn and grow is to teach the next generation of programmers. He is a firm believer that software literacy is an important skill to be successful in the modern world. He also enjoys making costume helmets and working with electronics, as well as trying to be as colorful as possible.

Where & When

Tuesday, June 4, 2019
12:00 PM to 12:30 PM

Zoom Meeting, Scottsdale,
Arizona, USA

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