Understanding Laravel Collections St. Petersburg, Florida, USA July 2019

Laravel’s latest version is Laravel 5.8 with Laravel Collections method. Laravel collection class is very useful to make a powerful code for your Laravel website development. Laravel developer use Collection class to filter, modify and much more very conveniently. Best Laravel web application Development Company also uses the collection method in Laravel core development.

Laravel Collection Methods for Laravel web development

For processing and modifying array the PHP language has a set of function. But recently Laravel introduced the Illuminate\Support\Collection class and it is known as Laravel collection class. Laravel experts are working with array data and provide a fluent, convenient wrapper use with Laravel collection class. Laravel website developers are simply creating a collection by passing an array to collect helper function.

To use the Laravel collection class Laravel Development Company can build any web application very easier and without consuming time. There are two types of collection, Creating Collections and Extending Collections. In creating collection the collect helper returns a new Illuminate\Support\Collection instance for the given array and in Extending collection Laravel developers add additional methods to the Collection class at run time.

Below is the Laravel Collection Class for building web application:

When Laravel website developers get all the results from the database first then developers are using a collection method to filter and modify the database without running any query.


In Laravel collection method filter() is the most useful class. Filter function work is only passed to those items that return true. The other entire items are removed. Using Filter function web developers work load is reduced less to develop any web application.


The search collection method is used to search for a given value. If a value is present in the collection then the key of the value is returned otherwise false is returned. i-Verev is best Laravel development company who work with all core development.

chunk ()

Chunk method is used to breaks the collection into multiple, smaller collections of a given size.


dump method is useful for debugging and finding what’s inside the collection at any point in the collection pipeline.


avg method is used to return the average value. simply pass a key as an argument and the avg method returns the average. You can also use the average method which is basically an alias for avg.

The above functions are used by the programmer for building any website with more addition of the below collection class that are as follows:

  • zip()
  • whereNotIn()
  • max()
  • pluck()
  • tap()
  • each()
  • contains()
  • pipe()

In USA Laravel development service provider are using this collection method for developing any website and also you can hire Laravel developers to develop any web application.

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