PostgreSQL Meetup Group Chicago Illinois USA May 2019

We’ll meet on Tuesday, May 21 for PostgreSQL Meetup at Chicago. Our favorite speaker Shaun Thomas from 2ndQuadrant is back. He would be presenting a talk: “From Zero to Hero: 10 Ways to Learn and Master Postgres.”

All you need to know about PostgreSQL:

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-oriented database system that isn’t controlled by any entity or corporation. Its source code is available for free. It runs on all the major operating systems such as Linux, Windows, or others.

PostgreSQL Features Highlights:

  • User-defined types
  • Table inheritance
  • Sophisticated locking mechanism
  • Foreign key referential integrity
  • Views, rules, subquery
  • Nested transactions (savepoints)
  • Multi-version concurrency control (MVCC)
  • Asynchronous replication

In this event, we will discuss on these topics:

  1. Relational database
  2. Explore ways to extend PostgreSQL
  3. Interface it to other databases
  4. Tune it for maximum value

PostgreSQL has become one of the most popular open source database systems since the last few years. Many users and developers are inclined towards using this database system to build leading geospatial and mobile applications.

Why this meetup?

In this meetup, we will meet with our favorite speakers, Shaun Thomas and discuss Postgres experiences and share the tips and tricks. Learn more about why we will use PostgreSQL, how to use, how did I go from being a PHP developer to a Postgres Blackbelt, etc.

As always, doors will be opened at 5:30 with pizza arriving at approximately the same time, and the presentation will start promptly at 6 PM. We have space till 8 PM so there will be plenty of time for questions and networking. 


Hettie Dombrovskaya: Chicago PUG Co-Organizer

Where & When

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Braviant Holdings
33 N.LaSalle STE 800 · Chicago, il

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