Open Programming Session Berkeley California, USA June 2019


Join our session for an information session at café in Berkeley for all different programming languages. Beginners, programmers, or experienced developers can join the open session.

You can call or text me to get all the information related to the session or registration. Save my phone number and feel free to contact me. Get the parking information below.

This self-directed programming session has no planning or fixed leader. You can come along with your books, course materials, tutorials, or projects. You’ll be able to meet new people or even get opportunities to find partners for programming your work. You can also share or gain knowledge with the other programmers who would be attending the session.

The session allows you to find or even create a study group, work on a personal project, or study any book. You can seek guidance from developers regarding the doubts or queries you may have.

Optional activities: If you are interested to work on coding projects or work in groups with other participants, you can get in touch with the organizer and discuss the same.

Purpose of session

The main purpose behind this session is knowledge sharing. The programmers, beginners, and mid-level developers can learn a few aspects of coding, gather information, share creative ideas, help each other, and a lot more. Connect with the like-minded people, especially programming experts, or owners of custom software development company to answer your queries. You can expand your growth opportunities by meeting new experts and business owners. You may also be able to generate new and creative ideas after attending this session.

Tip: After the session, we meet twice a week in Berkeley. Check out the main calendar for a list of events, and learn more about the group at

Yes, guys obviously this meetup is free to attend, but please keep in mind that you will have to buy a drink or pastry when you arrive at the cafe so that the fellows stay happy about our meeting there. If you’re hungry, they also serve full meals.

Parking Information: Finding a parking in Downtown Berkeley can sometimes be difficult because of construction. You can choose to park at a nearby BART station & then take a train one stop to Downtown Berkeley. You can get free parking on weekends. You can purchase all-day round-trip BART ticket for less than $5. Get more information here:



When & Where

Saturday, June 8, 2019
2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Every week on Saturday

Berkeley, CA

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