NodeJS: Orchestrating async with RXJS and RxHelper Chicago Illinois USA May 2019


Title: Rx-Helper – Write Decoupled, Streaming Real-time Apps with RxJS

To make a complete website and applications there requires several modules, libraries, framework in order to build a complete working website and apps.

One person cannot survive alone and a house of just four walls is nothing but a square box, we require several things to make that HOUSE a HOME and other necessary things which are helpful for a human to live with the help of those things in order to live life easily and with the feeling of completeness.

Thus here, in this event too topics like RxJS, modules, frameworks, streaming real-time Apps with RxJS, decoupled writing will be the key points to discuss on the powers of RxJS and how it can be used to build a complete reactive Apps using RxJS and RxHelper.


Location of this meetup has been changed; further information about the exact location will be informed by the organizer soon.


Each attendee is invited with the open mind and all queries where a brief discussion will be done on the power RxJS to:

– Modularize your apps, building out from a core of framework-independent logic.

– Stub out unknowns so you can get right to work on the essence of your application.

– Have a Clean Architecture that allows you to swap out UI frameworks, persistence tiers, or any other component while leaving most of your program unchanged.

Like JQuery enabled a boom in productivity by paving over differences between browsers, Rx-Helper allows you to pave over differences between:

Client/server programming style

One UI framework and another

Data that are available now, and data that are available later

Speaker Bio: Dean Radcliffe has been web-developing since the ‘table’ tag was the new hotness. He loves to help people make whatever they can dream up.


6:00 – 6: 15: Food and Networking

Event timing is from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, where the first fifteen minutes each participant will be served with the food and networking between the attendees and participants will be done to free the environment and make a friendly atmosphere between all.

6:15 – 7:15: Main Presentation

Brief discussion and presentation will be done by the organizers about orchestrating async with RxJS and RxHelper, where the uses and power of this language in building responsive, reactive apps.

7:00 – 7: 15: Open Mic

Here, 15 minutes will be used to interact with the attendees and have a Q&A session where queries and their answers from the experts will be performed.

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Where & When

Thursday May 9, 2019
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Fullstack Academy of Code
405 West Superior Street 3rd Floor · Chicago, IL

How to find us
Location has changed! Check-in in the lobby. There will be someone posted there from 5:45 – 6:15. If you’re running late, we’ll leave instructions for how to get in.

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