Redmond – What’s New, Hot, & Awesome for Xamarin Developers! Redmond, Washington, USA July 2019

Why this meetup is essential for Xamarin developer?

In this event we will discuss on what’s new, hot and awesome in Xamarin. Xamarin is a cross platform and it is used for mobile application development. If you are a Xamarin developer then you need to know what new update is in Xamarin development. Best Xamarin Development Company also doconference for its mobile application development team, because each and every developer needs to know about New Xamarinupdates.

What is New Update in Xamarin cross-platform for mobile application development?

Last week Xamarin has launchedXamarin.Essentials 1.2. Xamarin.Essentials is a cross-platform APIs for common task like file access, device info and many others.

The best part of Xamarin.Essentials is enabling expert Xamarin developer to send ,view and email file from a single cross-platform API.

Xamarin.Essentials provides mobile developer single cross-platform APIs for their mobile application development. iOS, android, and UWP offer platform APIs and unique operating system that mobile developer access to all in c# influencing with Xamarin. Xamarin.Essentials provides a single cross-platform API for how the user interface is created by accessed shared code with Xamarin.Forms, Android, iOS, or UWP application. Xamarin.Essentials offer more than 50 features from a single APIs that can be access by an expert Xamarin developer form platform. i-Verve have experienced Xamarin Developers, who knows all of the Xamarin features and build mobile application using these features.

Xamarin.Essentials features For Your Mobile application.

Below are the given Xamarin.Essentials features used by Xamarin developer for building your Mobile application.

Accelerometer – repossess acceleration data of the device in three dimensional spaces.

App Information – It is provide information about your application.

Barometer – Monitor the barometer for pressure changes.

Battery – Check the device battery information in device and next process if battery is low

Clipboard – Quickly and easily set or read text on the clipboard.

Color Converters – Helper methods for System.Drawing.Color.

Compass – Monitor compass for changes.

Connectivity – Check connectivity state and detect changes.

Detect Shake – Detect a shake movement of the device.

Device Display Information – Get the device’s screen metrics and orientation.

Device Information – Find out about the device with ease.

Email – Easily send email messages.

File System Helpers – Easily save files to app data.

Flashlight – A simple way to turn the flashlight on/off.

Geocoding – Geocode and reverse geocode addresses and coordinates.

Geolocation – Retrieve the device’s GPS location.

Gyroscope – Track rotation around the device’s three primary axes.

Launcher – Enables an application to open a URI by the system.

Magnetometer – Detect device’s orientation relative to Earth’s magnetic field.

MainThread – Run code on the application’s main thread.

Maps – Open the maps application to a specific location.

Open Browser – Quickly and easily open a browser to a specific website.

Orientation Sensor – Retrieve the orientation of the device in three dimensional space.

Phone Dialer – Open the phone dialer.

Platform Extensions – Helper methods for converting Rect, Size, and Point.

Apart from the above features there are many other features available in Xamarin.Essentials to develop android application and iOS application. In USA leading cross platform application development companies are using Xamarin cross platform for developing mobile application. If you will attend this meetup then you will learn more about Xamarin development features which are updated last week.

Time Scheduling:

• 6:00PM – 6:15PM: Pizza + Social + Intro

• 6:15PM – 7:30PM: Main Talk by James Montemagno

Note: Free Parking Available in parking structure


James M.

In this meetup James Montemagno will make you learn about the new Xamarin update. His total experience is 3 year in mobile development in C# and .Net and 2 years + using Xamarin technology for cross platform development on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8. He love the ability to rapidly prototype and make applications that users love using.


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