Master Class: React 16 – All The New And Shiny Things | React Week ’19, New York , New York, USA July 2019

What react developers will gain attending this meetup?

There rarely are new releases that excites react developers as react hooks. 2019 has been very exciting for react developers. Developers will gain the expertise and confidence of new update of react 16.8 that helps them use state and other react features without writing class. Experts of the event are confident that this event will leave the react developers with confidence they should have to implement all of react 16’s greatness in their work.

How react 16.8 motivates react developers?

  1. Before react 16.8 its was hard to reuse stateful logic between components. Whereas now with hooks, you can extract stateful logic from a component so it can be tested independently and reused.
  2. It was hard to understand complex components before react 16.8 which is now solved with the release of react 16.8 that lets you split one component into smaller functions based on what pieces are related.
  3. People and machine were both getting confused with the use of classes before new release. Making the “use of classes optional” in new release hooks let you use more reacts features without classes.

Many reactjs development company believes in keeping their developers updated with the newest updates and release that helps developers and clients both getting fast, accurate and result oriented project delivery.

Frequently ask questions on reactjs development that will be answered by the reactjs experts.

# Adoption strategy

  • Which versions of react include hooks?
  • Do I need to rewrite all my class components?
  • What can I do with the hooks that I couldn’t with classes?
  • How much of my react knowledge stays relevant?
  • Should I use hooks, classes, or a mix of both?
  • Do hooks replace render props and higher-order components?

#From classes to hooks

  • How do lifecycle methods correspond to hooks?
  • How can you do data fetching with hooks?
  • Is there something like instance variables?
  • What can I do if my effect dependencies change too often?
  • How do I implement shouldComponentupdate?
  • How to create expensive objects lazily?
  • How to avoid passing callbacks down?
  • How to read an often-changing value from usecallback?

# Under the hood

  • How does react associate hook calls with components?
  • What is the prior art for hooks?


The questions above will help the reactjs developers in gaining expertise with new releases of react 16.8 that can help reactjs developers solve the unconnected problems that have encountered over 5 years over writing and maintaining tens of thousands of components. These questions and importance of new react 16.8 release benefits in developing website are the key factor that is the part of this event which will definitely make developers get 98% of knowledge and understanding of using react 16.8.

Time schedule:

The event will be held on 17th July 2019 which will cover the 3 hours from 9 AM to 12 PM. These three hours will include 1) networking, 2) main presentation, 3) question and answer session that will help learners get answer of their queries and will make their visits worth gong by gaining expertise in react and react 16.8.


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