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Solution to the Most Common Problems of WordPress web Development:

When you build a website in WordPress CMS then you have to face many problems in development. When you are on your website and you see an error message or desirable white screen then don’t worry, this is in your WordPress and you can correct it too. WordPress development experts discuss the most common WordPress development problems and their solutions.

1. White Screen of Death error During WordPress Website Development

The white screen of death is one of the most infamous errors of the WordPress CMS. This error discover only blank page to user. When this happen, user might be inside the wordpress wp-admin or attempting to login in a  wordpress wp-admin.

A WordPress white screen of death (WSOD) error always caused by PHP code or database. First you should check a wordpress admin on your site if it is working or not. If wordpress website front side is down and wp-admin side is working that means a fault is in WordPress theme and WordPress plugin. If You are facing this type of issue then for help talk to our experienced wordpress developer to solve the error. There are four reasons why this error occurred.

  • Plugin Related Issues
  • Theme Related Issues
  • Exceeding the Memory Limit
  • Unknown Causes

These are the problems behind the white screen of death error the solution is Disable one or all the plugin and disable the theme and increase your memory limit and Enable the WP_DEBUG mode. Try working on this solution and if you need any help for WordPress development then talk with WordPress plugin development services Provider Company.


Sometimes, your server responds with error 500(Internal Server Error). When this error is dishonored user can’t see only white screen but it shows an error 500 instead. The reason behind Internal Server Error is Plugin, a Theme, or Exhausted Memory.

If you don’t find any WordPress plugin and theme issues then one of the wordpress development solutions for this error is correct the htaccess file. It’s a wordpress directory exceeding your server’s PHP memory limit, htaccess file are corrupted after installing a plugin or make another change to your WordPress website services. The simple way for fixing the issue is create a new htaccess file.


It’s a very typical error in WordPress. This error has occurred on the server side. When this error occurs at that time user cannot change the password and cannot even access the WordPress admin. Let’s see how to fix error establishing a database connection, there are 5 Steps to fix the issue.

Step #1: Contact With Your Website Host Provider
Step #2: Check Plugins and Theme Files Haven’t Been Corrupted
Step #3: Check Database Hasn’t Been Corrupted
Step #4: Check Your Database Connection Credentials
Step #5: Restore The Default WordPress Files

Fix issue according to the above steps. If you are facing this type of issue then you can hire dedicated developer for fixing this issue.

Along with the above three problems, many other problems you might face with wordpress web application development. Hire i-Verve certified wordpress developers,  they give you surety of not occurring any issue found above or additional in your wordpress website development.

If you will join this meetup then you will learn about additional WordPress development problems and how to solve it, WordPress development experts will give your question’s answer. And also they will help your wordpress ongoing projects or any other questions. This meetup Co-Organizer is Megan. His full-time job involves selecting and managing our 3rd party tools, overseeing the Tech Support and Development teams, and PHP/WordPress development work on our sites. This meetup will be on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 time is 6:45 PM to 8:45 PM event location is Westlake Porter Public Library,27333 Center Ridge Rd , Westlake, OH, USA

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