July Meetup! AEM + Magento = ? West Palm Beach, Florida, USA July 2019

What is Magento PWA for building web application?

Magento 2.3 versionwas released by the end of 2018 .Magento 2.3 has many impressive updates with smaller optimization. One of the most awaited features is Magento PWA Studio. It is a collection tools that allow developers to develop progressive web applications. Also Magento 2.3 introduced one new feature that is GraphQL used in Magento PWA Studio. Leading Magento development services provider is Specialized in building Magento store or website with Magento PWA.

To develop Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for Magento based websites or ecommerce store the Magento PWA studio are specially designed for that. If you have any Ecommerce business or store then Magento and PWA (Progressive Web Application) bring benefits for your ecommerce business. Expert Magento developers provides you services to improve ecommerce business with Magento PWA studio. If you have Magento website then you can contact a best Magento ecommerce development agency to convert your Magento website or store into mobile app using Magento PWA Studio.

Here are some Benefits of Magento Development with PWA combination.

1. Help to build mobile application At Affordable Rates

Now, most of the people use mobile for searching and shopping instead of a desktop. M-commerce has started gaining 98% of ecommerce business. But for getting benefits of M-commerce you need a mobile application for your business. The mobile app development cost is very high than the solution tobuild a mobile application in Magento 2 website to PWA. It’s very cost-effective and can get a mobile app for your ecommerce website. i-Verve has experienced Magento developer to build mobile application for your M-commerce business.

2. Get Rid Of Device Restriction

PWA is written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.That means it has a web connection and also user can access PWA with the help of a web browser. PWA supports the entire major browser Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, one of the benefits of PWA is that user can save time on installing app. PWA occupies less space as compared to the native apps. To increase your ecommerce business, you have to build PWA on magneto for that you need to hire Magento ecommerce development company.

Another benefit is it Offer Offline Mode and Reduced PLT, Enhance the SEO-Friendliness of Websites end Push Notifications for Improving Engagement, Need Fewer Resources etc. If you want to build Magento store, our suggestion is i-Verve is the best Magento development company for providing all of the Benefits of Progressive Web Apps For your Magento Website or Magento ecommerce store.

Magento PWA Studio provides the following tools for web Application Development:

PWA-Buildpack: Build and development tool and library for Magento Progressive Web Apps with pwa-buildpack. For project setup and configure a local environment for Magento PWA development Use the PWA Buildpack.

Peregrine: The Peregrine project is a collection of functions and UI components for Magento PWA projects. For building your Magento store with PWA you can Hire Dedicated Magento developers.

Venia storefront /PWA Storefront: Magento 2 has a default theme is “luma”.Luma is a very clean and eye-catching theme.luma was just an example given by Magento how the theme is developed on their blank theme. Same way Magento PWA introduces Venia storefront or PWA Storefront is a proof-of-concept Magento PWA built using PWA Buildpack tools and Peregrine components. Using the same if you want to build ecommerce store or website then you can hire Magento developers.

How Magento Development Company Use Magento PWA for Improving Your Business?

Magento development company use below feature to increase client’s business.

  • Remarkable speed
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Responsive design
  • Offline support
  • SEO-friendly
  • Push notifications
  • Add to home screen

Why Experienced Magento Developers Are Using Magento PWA?

Below are the given reasons why the dedicated Magento developers use Magento PWA to build Magneto store or website.

  6. Home screen Shortcut
  7. Faster User Interface Support
  8. Background Processes
  9. Secure
  10. Offline Support

If you attend this meetup you will learn additional features seeing demo of PWA, Recap of Imagine announcements and Adobe Experience Manager deep dive. The event organizer is Phillip J. he wants to see a community form in South Florida of ecommerce professionals across all forms of online retail and across all platforms – Magento is just one of many. The event is done on Thursday, July 25, 2019 timing is 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. location is 313 Datura St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, USA

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