Machine vision using deep-learning – Introduction and basics –Remote event New York, NY, USA June 2019


This remote event focuses on Machine Vision using deep learning. It would include introduction and basics of machine learning. You can join here:

What does it include?

This workshop will help you learn:

  1. What is a convolution neural network?
  2. What transfer learning and how to use it?
  3. When to use transfer learning on your own predictive modeling problems?
  4. Object prediction and building object prediction pipelines

The organizers would be creating a neural network from scratch to train the attendees. Once the network is created, it would enable transfer learning. After that, they would be training a deeper network known as Inception ver 3 to build an amazing art image classifier. Important and popular machine vision and deep learning tools such as OpenCV, Keras, and Tensorflow. All the aspects of deploying scalable Python applications in the cloud would be discussed and explained. The organizers would make use of a technique known as class activation maps to explain deep learning in the form of predictions visualizations.

Some topics of Introduction and basics about it:

  • Should I learn machine learning or deep learning first?
  • Is Machine vision part of artificial intelligence?
  • Is CNN deep learning?
  • What can Machine vision be used for?


Transfer learning includes multi-task learning and concept drift. Deep learning is a sub-section of AI and is a subset of Machine learning. It works in deep learning if the model features learned are general.

Deep learning brings in a lot of new apps with machine vision techniques. With such machine vision techniques becoming a part of our everyday lives, we can expect good growth of the country and its economy. It includes face recognition, self-driving cars, and a lot more.

Big Data Analytics and Solutions are used to monitor, data analysis, experimentation, simulations, and more depending on your business needs. Big data, Cloud, IoT, drones, and deep learning are some of the ways to improve the supply chain.

Come with

You come with your own device at the event. For the best experience, Moad machine vision team recommends Chrome >=72, to access the course contents.


We have some pre-requisites of meetup like set-up a Kaggle and GitHub account ahead of time. If you want the full benefit of the code examples, you may need both the accounts.  

This is an introductory workshop on machine vision. This course is part of the FutureReady boot-camp by Moad Computer. If you are interested in participating in the boot camp, please fill up this form:


Rahul R. (Co-Organizer)

Rahul Remanan is the co-founder and CEO of deep learning startup. He has skills into AI related topics and that’s what interests him in learning about Deep learning, Keras, Tensorflow, CNTK, Python, Caffe, and CUDA. He wants to re-shape the world with the latest technologies and artificial intelligence.

When & Where

Sunday, June 9, 2019
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Every week on Sunday until July 15, 2019

New York, NY, USA

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