Scaling a Laravel Application + Laracon Discussion Draper, Utah, USA July 2019

Laravel is a PHP based framework to build your web application. In the market there are many other PHP based framework  available for the development of your web application like CakePHP, Symfony, Yii, etc, But the Laravel is most used and popular PHP based framework. In market, leading Laravel Development Company is available to build your custom web application development. Let’s talk about why choose Laravel for developing a web application.

Why Laravel Is Best For Large Scale Web Application Development

Laravel framework released in 2011. Laravel has a number of features available for web application development also Laravel is mostly used in rapid application development. For website development, many industries are using the Laravel framework. Many industries are using this framework for web development.

Laravel  helps you to do simple and fast development of web application. Generally, Laravel is used for a large-scale web application, But the question arise is why choose Laravel is Large Scale Web Application Development? Below are the given Reasons to choose Laravel for the development of large-scale web applications are:

1. Open Source:

Laravel is an open source platform for custom website development. Laravel is easy to download and install. The Laravel framework is free to use and very easy to develop web application. It is  appropriate to work with any web hosting accounts. If you need to develop any hug web application than Laravel framework is the best choice for it. In USA top web application development companies are choosing  Laravel for building client website or application.

2. Easy Development:

Laravel has many advanced features that help for easy  web and mobile application development. Experienced Laravel developer is aware of all Laravel framework features. i-Verve is the best company for developing Laravel web application which has its proven track record of successful Laravel projects and happy clients.

3. Template Engine:

Laravel provides many lightweight templates for creating layouts on your website. Laravel supports multi-view-controller architecture (MVC). Laravel development services Provider Company uses mostly Laravel with MVC because it helps to keep the business logic and user interface layer separate. Laravel has Blade template engine, it is a very simple and powerful templating engine. Blade template engine, it allows  PHP code in view and also in compile. Blade template engine help to improve website performance. If you wish to develop a large application in the Laravel then contact to Laravel application Development Company.

4. Authentication Library:

Laravel has many object-oriented libraries. It’s all libraries are inbuilt. One of the well known pre-installed libraries is Authentication library. Using this Authentication library you can easily build secure web applications. When you need  Laravel website than Hire Dedicated Laravel developers to build your business web application.

5. Eloquent ORM:

Laravel has a feature called Eloquent ORM. By using Eloquent ORM you can easily work with databases through ActiveRecord implementation. With Eloquent ORM  you can easily run a common database query. With Eloquent ORM there is no need to write any SQL queries without writing any SQL code you can perform the data with PHP syntax. Mostly best Laravel web Development Company uses the Eloquent ORM to a build web application.

6. Flexible:

Laravel is a very flexible framework to develop the application. Many dedicated web developer’s use Laravel for website development because of the reason is flexibility.

7. Security:

Laravel has provided  many features to improve security level in your website. Laravel use Salted and hashed password for security purpose. Laravel web development services provider use Bcrypt hashing algorithm which encrypts the password and also generates the encrypted password. Security is one the most key reason for building large scale websites in Laravel framework. If you need to develop any web application then our suggestion is to hire Laravel developers from i-Verve Software Development Company.

Apart of the above reasons, functionality in Laravel framework is Customizable, Caching, and Cloud Storage. That is the reason why website development companies choose Laravel to build Large Scale Web Application Development.

If you will come to attend this meetup then you will also learn how Laravel applications can scale and the types of things you might run into. We’ll cover queues, jobs, caching, data pipelines, different data sources, and how to set up patterns to transition. In addition this meetup we’ll also touch on Laracon topics and try to schedule a time to meet up with anyone that is heading over to NY for it. The organizer name is Nate D. The event is done on Thursday, July 18, 2019 timing is 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM and location is 12936 Frontrunner Blvd #150 · Draper, UT, USA


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