Intro to JavaScript – Variables, Control Flow, and Looping Venice, California, USA May 2019


Join us at our Los Angeles HQ in Venice to master the fundamentals of JavaScript. No one is born master but with the practice and experts help one can definitely become master. This event is organized specifically taking beginners in mind. To get the full experience from the experienced experts, we recommend coming onsite, however, a live-stream will be available if you are unable to come live.


Just a theory or action without understanding, any of this alone will never help you get success. Thus keeping this in mind, our organizers have decided about the basic JS understanding from the experts in order to clear all the basic fundamentals in your mind. After clearing the doubts from listening to the expert’s lecture, we will further ask the beginners to program in JS through challenges.

This workshop will be a combination of live lecture and pair programming through challenges. You will go under the hood of JavaScript so that you can confidently handle the new problems and work through blocks.

It is most important for any developer; coder to be clear in the basics of the language he has masters in. thus this event will effectively take care of the foundation of all web development, so you can confidently use them as you work on harder concepts to come.


– The web, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

It will be unfair talking about the known languages against the experts but it will be wrong if we neglect the beginners who have visited the event in order to clear their doubts and solve their problems. Foundation and basic fundamentals of the above-mentioned language will be cleared in order to enlighten your knowledge.

– Variables (const/let)

`var` is now the weakest signal available when you define a variable in JavaScript.

`const` is a signal that the identifier won’t be reassigned.

`let`, is a signal that the variable may be reassigned, such as a counter in a loop, or a value swap in an algorithm.

– Objects and arrays

Experts will explain the objects and arrays, their uses in JS along with the basics of what objects and arrays are in JS.

– For loops and conditional logic (if/else)

In computer science, a for-loop is a control flow statement for specifying iteration, which allows code to be executed repeatedly. Various keywords are used to specify this statement: descendants of ALGOL use “for”, while descendants of Fortran use “do”

Conditional logic is all based on (if this, then that) where it automatically make decisions based on a condition or action that occurred.

Price: Always free!

Parking Info: If you’re attending in person we have free parking for the workshop in the lot.

Online Info: Please join us for the online stream of the workshop here: (online start time may vary by 30 min)

Experience Level:

All experience levels welcome. We recommend getting started on our free JavaScript learning platform CSX ( and working on the Precourse unit before the workshop.


We offer free JavaScript workshops several times a week!
The event is of 2 and a half hour, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Here the first 15 minutes will be spent on refreshments and networking.
And last 15  minutes will be utilized to take questions from the audience/ beginners in order to clear their doubts and fill their minds with required knowledge along with the confidence.
The time between after networking and Q&A, experts, and experienced faculty will share their knowledge along with a thepractical session of programming to confidence level and solve their coding problems.

Typically our weekly schedule is:

– Tuesdays: JavaScript The Easier Parts (In-person & Online)
Wednesdays: Build A Web App (In-person & Online) & JavaScript The Hard Parts (Online Only)
Thursdays: JavaScript The Hard Parts (In-person & Online)


Codesmith: co-organizer

Shanda M

Where & When

Tuesday, May 14, 2019
6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

1600 Main St. · Venice , ca


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