How to Grow Your Business Through Local Search (Local SEO) San Diego, California, USA June 2019

If you have a business then you have also competitors relevant to your business and they do conflict to growing your business. You wish to improve your business then you have to do local search engine optimization for your business or eCommerce store. In market, there are many companies providing the Best local SEO services. Also you would hire dedicated SEO Experts.

What is Local search engine optimization?

Local each engine is a part of SEO. Local SEO is promote your business visibility on location-based searches Its focus on optimize a website for getting a local search result. Also Local SEO services are a focus on ranking with the top 1 position in Google Search Engine Results Pages. Local SEO Achieved through a number of methods, some SEO Consultant does Standard SEO and some are using local SEO tools for easier managing.

Why Local Search engine optimization Is Important?

According to a Google, 95% of Smartphone users have used their device to perform local searches, out of which 61% called the business and 59% visited. If you have brick-and-mortar store then local SEO is a very important for your business.

Here are a few facts that prove how important local search engine:

  • For those who did a local search on their phone went to a physical store within one day.
  • Within one day local mobile searches do increase many leads to a sale.
  • American adults’ ways search for local services or business information on Smartphone and tablets
  • Searches on a smartphone were conducted just before arriving at a store.

There many way to improve your business in local search engine. Below is the given technique for do Local SEO for growing business or improve website rank in Google SERP page.

Local SEO Techniques for grow your business:

  1. Meta tags still matter to improve ranking
  2. Optimize Google My Business Account
  3. Do Regular Customer review
  4. Online directories and Link Building
  5. Use local scheme data markup
  6. Optimize Your Website or ecommerce store for Mobile
  7. Searching a Local Keywords
  8. Use Location Page and specific about page
  9. Focus on high quality backlines
  10. Create dedicated webpage for each and every service you offers.

What to coming with:

Laptops and/or pen and paper required! Get ready to roll up your sleeves


Alanna Hawley, SEO Specialist at Atypical Digital.

Intro of Alanna:

Alanna has been an SEO expert for over 7 years, In the past couple years, her focus areas have been in Local SEO, Content Marketing, and eCommerce SEO. She enjoys working in these areas because they usually force of great results. She currently works with national, multi-location brands as well as small to medium businesses across many different industries.


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