Ruby:: AZ Meetup – Cypress with Rails and More Phoenix, Arizona, USA June 2019


This meetup is organized for beginners, freshly like a lot of organizations have struggled with flaky tests. Here you will be introduced to Cypress and how to use this with rails. Best ROR Development Companies use Cypress testing framework because Cypress is going in a good direction and continue to refine my workflow and integration with Rails.


Cypress is a JavaScript-based end-to-end testing framework that doesn’t use Selenium at all. In Rails application is good to add a controller for the cleanup whole application and beginning it is again for every test of cypress. It is a test engine that runs unit and integration tests in your browser. What’s so good about Cypress is that it performs like a browser but isn’t a browser.

The first time you run Cypress, it will detect that it’s a new project and seed directories and configuration files. When running Cypress with Ruby on Rails we purge the database between runs, using some command.

Why Use Cypress?

Cypress is used to automating the browser like a user and is agnostic of your stack. Unlike Selenium Cypress is a complete, batteries-included, testing framework for web interfaces that helps you write, run and debug your tests.

Cypress is used for UI testing, it uses its own unique DOM exploitation and runs directly in the browser with no network communication. Cypress has often cited as a developer-friendly test automation tool for this reason since this often cause’s frustrations for them in Selenium.

Cypress is certainly a great tool, and a refreshing new angle on E2E testing. The lack of support for non Chromium based browsers, and of information on how to integrate it with various backend led to some challenges.


Michael (Organizer)

Chris I. (Co-Organizer)

Chris is Co-Founder of Velocity Labs which provides solutions to business problems, with the goal of increasing the traction, conversions, and revenues of your customers. They specialize in web application development and consulting using Ruby, Rails, and Ember.

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Velocity Labs – Velocity Labs build and maintain custom web applications using Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. We follow industry best practices for coding and include a fully automated test suite in our delivered code.

When & Where

Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM (Every 3rd Tuesday of the month)

111 W Monroe Ave · Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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