Coffee & WordPress Santa Clara, Utah USA June 2019


When we hear about WordPress, our mind blinks usually about blogging, but WordPress is capable to do even more than that.

WordPress has several plugins which can be used to build any kind of website, easy to use; thousands of themes can be updated.

The main purpose of a WordPress, it is to be an easy tool that everybody can use to create their own website the easiest way possible.

Why should I use WordPress?

  1. The most popular CMS in the world
  2. Open Source with room for expansion
  3. Highly customizable for great flexibility
  4. Designed for anyone, not just developers
  5. Lower setup and maintenance costs

Q&A on WordPress – come Prepared with your Questions.

WordPress Experts and Organizer will be allowed to interact with each other where one can ask a question regarding the uses and issues about their WordPress and how it can be used more efficiently in the subject to increase the business and attract more customers.

For a better understanding of WordPress and its uses in the subject to increase your business, it is suitable for all members participated in the event to bring a laptop along with them.

Coming with a plan of getting more out of this event in the subject to increase your own business and learning about it to help yourself gaining extreme solutions from the experts is more relevant.

Why this Meetup?

In this meetup, we will discuss your side. You will ask about your query, your question regarding WordPress or any confusion on it. Here we expect your curiosity for learning because we want this event will be a success.

Things to bring to this meetup:

  • You will have to prepare your questions about WordPress (or websites in general)
  • A laptop or notebook computer
  • Notepad for taking notes (optional)
  • Address of your website
  • A good attitude and curiosity for more learning 🙂


9:00 AM – Refreshment+Drink & networking

Arrangements of cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea will be made available by the organizers in the subject to take care of participants’ health and help them to attend an event with a conscious and active mind. Also, some introduction about networking will be performed by the members.

9:15 AM – Main Session

This session is the most important part of the event. Here the participation of the participants is useful for the event as ideas and questions help the participants solve issues and get more related solutions for the same.

These meetings will repeat on the first Saturday of every month, indefinitely.



Seth lives in Southern Utah, where he has been hard-wired to the web design and development industry since 2001. In 2009, Seth launched his first WordPress plugin, and then in 2011, he quit his full-time job to focus on building a business around the plugin, which now powers over 60,000 ticketing websites. He had worked in the website development industry for over 14 years; six of those years had been spent developing event ticketing & registration solutions for the WordPress content management system.

Where & When

Saturday, June 1st, 2019
9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Every 1st Saturday of the month

Harmons Santa Clara
3520 Pioneer Parkway · Santa Clara
UT 84765 ,USA

How to find us

We’ll be upstairs, above the Deli in the office space towards the back. If that’s not available, then we’ll be in the dining area upstairs.

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