React Native Libraries for a Happy Life by Mitch Masia Chicago, Illinois, USA July 2019

React native gives you benefit of leveraging a single codebase to produce two different kinds of apps. There are thousands of Libraries that makes react native development easier and faster. Best React Native App Development Company takes the assistance of some magnificent react native libraries to make it simple to integrate the basis or some … Read more

Web Development Mentorship Chicago, Illinois, USA July 2019

How website development companies start their process to build web and application? In the market, many expert website and application development services provider are available for your business. Here, we are going to let you know how website development companies use some basic concept of web designing, HTML, CSS, and front end development, etc. Web … Read more

NSCoder Night Chicago, Illinois, USA June 2019

Details Join this meetup for talking about Mac and iOS Development, Software Development, and Tech in general. Mobile Development Company works on different technologies including iOS, Android, Windows, Virtual and Augmented Reality. The Software Development Lifecycle is a systematic process for building software that ensures the quality and correctness of software development. “Measuring programming progress … Read more

A Conversation On Crypto-Currency Mining With Jimmy Thommes of Bit Capital Group Chicago, Illinois, USA June 2019

Details  This meetup is about a conversation on crypto-currency mining. Blockchain Development is an effective way to link, secure growing list of records using cryptography. One of the key components of blockchain technology is called cryptography.  If you would like to get more knowledge about blockchain, you should join this event.    “Cryptography shifts the balance … Read more

A Behavioral Approach to Web Design Chicago, Illinois, USA June 2019

Details When a promising customer lands on any website, it’s all based on website design, whether they will stay or leave. Best Web Design Company first of all looks target audience, who want to see attractive web design. Here you will learn about A Behavioral Approach to Web Design. There workshop focuses on applying behavioral … Read more

Mobile Apps: To SQL or Not to SQL Chicago, Illinois, USA June 2019

Details You all have seen many changes in the technology landscape during the innovation of mobile apps. It started with nearly 500 or less now cross the millions mark.  As languages, platforms, and styles have come and gone one thing, above all else, has gone on. Come join our meetup we look at mobile data … Read more

PostgreSQL Meetup Group Chicago Illinois USA May 2019

We’ll meet on Tuesday, May 21 for PostgreSQL Meetup at Chicago. Our favorite speaker Shaun Thomas from 2ndQuadrant is back. He would be presenting a talk: “From Zero to Hero: 10 Ways to Learn and Master Postgres.” All you need to know about PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-oriented database system that isn’t … Read more

Special Triple Treats from the OSGi Alliance Expert Group – Chicago Illinois USA May 2019

Introduction: OSGi Alliance Expert Group is coming to town!! Come and meet members of the OSGi Alliance Expert Group. See and hear 2 of the members, Raymond and BJ, present 3 special topics. Don’t forget to bring your OSGi questions with you too if you have any. OSGi Alliance website: If you are new … Read more

NodeJS: Orchestrating async with RXJS and RxHelper Chicago Illinois USA May 2019

Details Title: Rx-Helper – Write Decoupled, Streaming Real-time Apps with RxJS To make a complete website and applications there requires several modules, libraries, framework in order to build a complete working website and apps. One person cannot survive alone and a house of just four walls is nothing but a square box, we require several … Read more

MongoDB Stitch Meetup Chicago Illinois USA May 2019

Details As a developer, agile development is crucial to your workflow. You need to move fast, but the boilerplate code for tasks like authentication, integration of third-party services, and access to data, often gets in the way of building the core components of your application. When you build client-side applications such as mobile apps or … Read more