Machine vision using deep-learning – Introduction and basics –Remote event New York, NY, USA June 2019

Details This remote event focuses on Machine Vision using deep learning. It would include introduction and basics of machine learning. You can join here: What does it include? This workshop will help you learn: What is a convolution neural network? What transfer learning and how to use it? When to use transfer learning on … Read more

Python Lab: Handling Dirty and Missing Data Washington, District of Columbia, USA May 2019

Details In this meetup, we will learn how to master data cleansing. The first step in data science is manipulating and cleaning data. In fact, most of the data scientist’s time will be spent cleaning and “fixing” data. Participants will leave with a Jupyter notebook detailing deduplication, data replacement, missing data imputation, string matching, encoding, … Read more

Getting Started in Data Science Arlington Texas USA May 2019

Details Show your interest of participation in the event with RSVP on Eventbrite: Importance of data, and using it virtually, universally is explained in a simple one-line definition by JOHN ELDER “Learning from data is virtually universally useful. Master it and you will be welcomed anywhere.” Description Data scientists are a new breed of … Read more