Building Realtime Apps with React – Jayden Windle (Partner Event) Los Angeles, California, USA July 2019

No one likes to be slow, in this fast world everyone desires to have their work done on their figure tips right after they question. To match the required demand of this fast world, real-time apps are getting hot favorite among the users and developers. React, a JavaScript library is used to build user interface of any website that keeps user engaged with fast response result. React native development company can help you in getting the best front end development service with awesome user interface.

Why react is best option to build real-time app?

React is used for the base development in a website development or mobile application. React is regardless for fetching rapidly changing data that is important to be recorded.

Reactstrap: easy to use bootstrap components a library that enables real-time bidirectional and event based
communication between browser and server.

React-html-table-to-excel: provides a client side generation

React-outer-dom: handles dynamic request, switch, route, etc.

React native app development company never settles for less skilled developers in the team as delivering the result oriented project to the client is what will make them  run longer and thus i-Verve with 50+ experienced react developers ensures you of awesome real-time application that will turn back as a real investment for you.

What are the examples of real time apps?

Most of the apps now are using real time solutions that helps user getting updates in real time.

  1. Facebook
  2. Uber (location tracking) Facebook
  3. Google (editing documents)
  4. Chatting apps
  5. Video conferencing apps
  6. Gaming mobile applications
  7. IM
  8. Community storage solution and
  9. Cloud apps

What features does real time application have?

  • Notification and alerts, the trick is to only share relevant and important data.
  • With real time mobile apps you can quickly share data.
  • Easy in live streaming
  • They make data visually appealing

Advantages of real time apps using react development?

# Cost effective

# Data fragmentation is less

# They are quick to access

# Speedy performance of the apps

# Transparent

# Easy and fun to use

What benefits do real time apps have for your business using react development?

Adding real-time functionality to your app is a great way to drive engagement and provide value to your users. Businesses using real time solutions in mobile apps are getting more users and revenue. React is a JavaScript library that is owned by Facebook and community of individual developers and companies that are aware of the current demand and future expectations, who are constantly working on react to give react native developers the easy and fun to code platform.

React community and companies questioned the industry “best practices” and designed a library that is quite unique. Large community of developers attracts towards the react and loves to design and develop website and mobile application using react. Hire react native developers that can help you in designing the best user interface and getting you magnificent front end development of your web or mobile application development.

The event is on react and updates in new technologies. You can join this event for understanding better about react and how easy is to code for any front end web or mobile application development.

The event is hosted by Shanda M, speaker Jayden is the CTO of jetpack, a crowd sourced, on-demand delivery app for college students. Event timing is from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm which will be held on Tuesday august 6 2019.

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