Philly Tech Week BlockChain| Machine learning| Artificial intelligence | Big Data| FinTech Innovation Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA May 2019

Details: Philadelphia is one of the best cities in the country and is a hub of information technology.  We are going to celebrate Philly tech week of software and technology from May 3rd- May 11th, 2019, and there are 65 events organized into 7 different tracks – creative, Access, Dev, Civic, Business, Media and Sciences. … Read more

Social Media for Business – Class & Working Session in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Details Social media has made the world small and is a great source of meeting new people and fulfilling their needs. Social media offers many benefits to business owners, as it allows to reach out there customers and to gain the attention of more people/potential customers. Recent social media marketing has shown that social media … Read more

NodeJS: Orchestrating async with RXJS and RxHelper Chicago Illinois USA May 2019

Details Title: Rx-Helper – Write Decoupled, Streaming Real-time Apps with RxJS To make a complete website and applications there requires several modules, libraries, framework in order to build a complete working website and apps. One person cannot survive alone and a house of just four walls is nothing but a square box, we require several … Read more

MongoDB Stitch Meetup Chicago Illinois USA May 2019

Details As a developer, agile development is crucial to your workflow. You need to move fast, but the boilerplate code for tasks like authentication, integration of third-party services, and access to data, often gets in the way of building the core components of your application. When you build client-side applications such as mobile apps or … Read more

Open API for .NET Developers, Greenwich Connecticut USA May 2019

Details Website and applications made by the .net developer are incomplete or is with limited functionalities of getting more business in the absence of an API. API plays a vital role in getting the two computers or data interact with each other at the same time. .Net developers develop a wide range of applications—from the … Read more

JavaScript Workshop Meetup Phoenix Arizona USA May 2019

Details A human cannot think of living without water, the same way no IT Company can sustain without Java. Websites, Web Applications, Server Applications, Web servers are programmed under JavaScript. JavaScript remains the most accessible programming language on the planet. Interested participants are invited to join us at Phoenix library for mentorship, code reviews, discussion … Read more

Machine Learning in Clinical Trials and R or Python or Both? Pennsylvania USA May 2019

Details: We are in the 21st century and have achieved a lot of milestones in the field of technology and medical (health care) industry. Yet as time is passing, the life of people is getting short and the reason behind that are new diseases. Health is the most important factor for every living being, as … Read more

Quantum Computing for Java Developers – Malvern Pennsylvania USA May 2019

Details Computers have now become an important part of our life. If we talk about research, space exploration, or technical advancement nothing can be done without Computer. We have reduced the size of the computer and have increased the speed of the computers too as compare to the past where computers used to be the … Read more

Get Help with Your WordPress Website Meetup West Jordan Utah USA May 2019

Details When we hear about WordPress, our mind blinks usually about blogging, but WordPress is capable to do even more than that. WordPress is now widely used by developers and bloggers. Bloggers first choice is WordPress whereas WordPress is now used widely for creating business websites especially for entrepreneurs and small businessmen. WordPress has several … Read more

SLC DevOps Days Conference South Jordan Utah USA May 14-15, May 2019

Details: We all have been bored with the lengthy process performed by the company in the subject to deliver the product or a website to the customer which has to be passed through between numerous teams and their members, which is a vast and time-consuming process. Want to hear good new? Here it is, we … Read more