Master Class: React 16 – All The New And Shiny Things | React Week ’19, New York , New York, USA July 2019

What react developers will gain attending this meetup? There rarely are new releases that excites react developers as react hooks. 2019 has been very exciting for react developers. Developers will gain the expertise and confidence of new update of react 16.8 that helps them use state and other react features without writing class. Experts of … Read more

Redmond – What’s New, Hot, & Awesome for Xamarin Developers! Redmond, Washington, USA July 2019

Why this meetup is essential for Xamarin developer? In this event we will discuss on what’s new, hot and awesome in Xamarin. Xamarin is a cross platform and it is used for mobile application development. If you are a Xamarin developer then you need to know what new update is in Xamarin development. Best Xamarin … Read more

Laravel and Vue.js Development Portland, Oregon, USA July 2019

PHP is one of the popular programming languages for building web application. Laravel is a powerful MVC (Model View Controller) PHP framework for all web experts. Laravel is the best choice for web application development companies because Laravel is created for developing full featured web applications and it provides simple, expressive and elegant to build … Read more

Intro to App Programming in Laravel Kansas City, Missouri, USA July 2019

Selecting framework for building web application is one of the crucial decisions. The popular PHP framework is Laravel, because Laravel focus on the end user, simplicity and clarity programming. Laravel Web Application Development Company building everything from simple hobby projects with Laravel framework. Top IT companies using Laravel Framework for Business Web Application Development: Laravel … Read more

West-Side Study Group Los Angeles, California, USA July 2019

Rails is a full-stack web application framework that includes everything to create data-base web application. react is JavaScript library used to create interactive UIs and is optimal in fetching quick changing data that are necessary to be recorded. Ruby on rails web Development Company are extremely productive in full-stack web application development using rails for … Read more

Building Realtime Apps with React – Jayden Windle (Partner Event) Los Angeles, California, USA July 2019

No one likes to be slow, in this fast world everyone desires to have their work done on their figure tips right after they question. To match the required demand of this fast world, real-time apps are getting hot favorite among the users and developers. React, a JavaScript library is used to build user interface … Read more

Ecommerce Platform Showdown Lehi, Utah, USA July 2019

Selecting the most suitable ecommerce store development platform for creating, managing and maintaining an online store, is a big decision and that decision will result in your long-term business. The two most popular platforms are Shopify and Magento. Leading Magento development Services provider are mostly using Magento ecommerce platform. Let’s talk about which ecommerce platform … Read more

Understanding Laravel Collections St. Petersburg, Florida, USA July 2019

Laravel’s latest version is Laravel 5.8 with Laravel Collections method. Laravel collection class is very useful to make a powerful code for your Laravel website development. Laravel developer use Collection class to filter, modify and much more very conveniently. Best Laravel web application Development Company also uses the collection method in Laravel core development. Laravel … Read more

Xamarin Developer Summit The Woodlands,Texas, USA July 2019

Premiere Xamarin Community trusts Xamarin for building mobile application as it has emerged itself one of the robust tools in current time. There are more platforms and ways to build performant and user friendly mobile apps and Xamarin is one of them. With the new updates, Xamarin has become hot favorite among the Xamarin Development … Read more

Ruby::AZ Meetup – Using Vue.js with rails Tempe, Arizona, USA July 2019

With the presence of numerous UI libraries, vue has proved successful library and became famous among the developer to build full-stack web applications. Ruby on rails development company use vue as it a progressive library for building user interface that is inspired by both Angular and React. Using vue.js with ruby on rails helps ruby … Read more

July Meetup! AEM + Magento = ? West Palm Beach, Florida, USA July 2019

What is Magento PWA for building web application? Magento 2.3 versionwas released by the end of 2018 .Magento 2.3 has many impressive updates with smaller optimization. One of the most awaited features is Magento PWA Studio. It is a collection tools that allow developers to develop progressive web applications. Also Magento 2.3 introduced one new … Read more

What’s New in Xamarin.Forms 4.0 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA July 2019

Selecting Xamarin for building your native apps is the best choice of expert Xamarin developers. Xamarin.Forms Define your UI through C#code or XAML in an abstract way. Leading Xamarin Development Company builds fully native Android, iOS, and universal windows platform apps using C# in visual studio. New in Xamarin.Forms 4.0 for Mobile Application Development Xamarin.Forms … Read more

Scaling a Laravel Application + Laracon Discussion Draper, Utah, USA July 2019

Laravel is a PHP based framework to build your web application. In the market there are many other PHP based framework  available for the development of your web application like CakePHP, Symfony, Yii, etc, But the Laravel is most used and popular PHP based framework. In market, leading Laravel Development Company is available to build … Read more

React Native Libraries for a Happy Life by Mitch Masia Chicago, Illinois, USA July 2019

React native gives you benefit of leveraging a single codebase to produce two different kinds of apps. There are thousands of Libraries that makes react native development easier and faster. Best React Native App Development Company takes the assistance of some magnificent react native libraries to make it simple to integrate the basis or some … Read more

Magento 2 knowledge sharing Minneapolis,Minnesota, USA July 2019

There are many eCommerce development Platform to build your business website, such as Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Opencart and many more. But right now Magento is the best an open source platform to develop an ecommerce store. In the market, Magento Development Services providers are available to build your website or ecommerce store. Let’s discuss Magento … Read more

ReactJs Monthly Meetup San Diego, California, USA July 2019

JavaScript is a programming language used in web application development. Most commonly JavaScript is used for client-side programming and server-side programming language as well. There are many JavaScript web development frameworks available like angular, reactjs, Ember, etc. The ReactJs JavaScript framework is mostly used by leading Front End Development Company. What is reactJs framework job … Read more

Web Development Mentorship Chicago, Illinois, USA July 2019

How website development companies start their process to build web and application? In the market, many expert website and application development services provider are available for your business. Here, we are going to let you know how website development companies use some basic concept of web designing, HTML, CSS, and front end development, etc. Web … Read more

NEO West WordPress – WordCam Westlake, Ohio, USA July 2019

Solution to the Most Common Problems of WordPress web Development: When you build a website in WordPress CMS then you have to face many problems in development. When you are on your website and you see an error message or desirable white screen then don’t worry, this is in your WordPress and you can correct … Read more

Tech Tribe: An Intro to UX Design w/ Kevin McCartney, Senior Software Engineer Columbus, Ohio, USA June 2019

What Are The Essential UI/UX Skills For professional Web Designers? Whenever you thought of website and application development, then you need to learn the first stage of website development. The first step of web application development is website design. If you are interested in website design, then you can learn to develop a web Designer … Read more

How to Grow Your Business Through Local Search (Local SEO) San Diego, California, USA June 2019

If you have a business then you have also competitors relevant to your business and they do conflict to growing your business. You wish to improve your business then you have to do local search engine optimization for your business or eCommerce store. In market, there are many companies providing the Best local SEO services. … Read more

React Native Lehi, Utah, USA June 2019

React Hooks for React Native Application Development. Let’s talk about React Native event this month where we will be a new location at Podium. Here will talk about React Hooks. This event speaker Neil Myers will explain React Hooks. Hooks are a new addition in React 16.8. If you are a React Native app development … Read more

NSCoder Night Chicago, Illinois, USA June 2019

Details Join this meetup for talking about Mac and iOS Development, Software Development, and Tech in general. Mobile Development Company works on different technologies including iOS, Android, Windows, Virtual and Augmented Reality. The Software Development Lifecycle is a systematic process for building software that ensures the quality and correctness of software development. “Measuring programming progress … Read more

azPHP Meetup – psysh, a terminal-based php debugger (and more) Phoenix, Arizona, USA June 2019

Details This event is about PHP. We will be showing some of the ins & outs of the PsySH terminal debugger/repl/console. PHP Development Company is required to developing census using debugger/repl/console. This event host by Chris Kankiewicz. PHP applications are not always web applications. Various command line tools, daemons, message queue processing applications and other … Read more

A Conversation On Crypto-Currency Mining With Jimmy Thommes of Bit Capital Group Chicago, Illinois, USA June 2019

Details  This meetup is about a conversation on crypto-currency mining. Blockchain Development is an effective way to link, secure growing list of records using cryptography. One of the key components of blockchain technology is called cryptography.  If you would like to get more knowledge about blockchain, you should join this event.    “Cryptography shifts the balance … Read more

Informal Android Developer Meetup Weekly Meetup Mountain View, California, USA June 2019

Details This is a meetup for the Informal Discussion of Android Developer, Led by Google and a large number of Mobile App Development Company develop Android by open handset alliance.[M1]  Android is an open source and Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as Smartphone and tablet computers. For this meetup we all android developers get … Read more

React Native @Equinox New York, NY, USA June 2019

Details Hello React Native NYC Community. This event will be hosted by Equinox! In this event, you will learn about React Native. Today undoubtedly, at present in mobile app development, the highly popular framework is React native. Most of Mobile App Development Company prefers first React Native because they use the same basic UI building … Read more

Intro to JavaScript: A Free Coding Class at the Tech Academy Salt Lake City, Utah USA June 2019

Details The tech academy is a code school. People have different interest, a lot of people has been told that learning code is tough and that makes people stay away from working in the tech industry. Custom software development companies help those people in teaching basic principles and make them aware of the importance and … Read more

UI and UX Design Milpitas, California, USA June 2019

Details This coursework is designed and coached by professional-level UX/UI design experts working at Leading UI/UX Design Companies. Learn design as it is best for the business and the user, Driving design innovatively, in short, iterative cycle to evaluate the best. This course is helpful for both, first UX designers who wish to learn strategy, … Read more

Ruby:: AZ Meetup – Cypress with Rails and More Phoenix, Arizona, USA June 2019

Details This meetup is organized for beginners, freshly like a lot of organizations have struggled with flaky tests. Here you will be introduced to Cypress and how to use this with rails. Best ROR Development Companies use Cypress testing framework because Cypress is going in a good direction and continue to refine my workflow and … Read more

A Behavioral Approach to Web Design Chicago, Illinois, USA June 2019

Details When a promising customer lands on any website, it’s all based on website design, whether they will stay or leave. Best Web Design Company first of all looks target audience, who want to see attractive web design. Here you will learn about A Behavioral Approach to Web Design. There workshop focuses on applying behavioral … Read more

Greater Philly Drupal Meetup/Happy Hour Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA June 2019

Details In this meetup you will learn about Drupal CMS framework. If you want to develop a website with a content management system, Drupal CMS is very flexible of any other CMS. Drupal Website Development companies prefer Drupal CMS because it is very powerful and it can be used for building large, complex sites. This … Read more

Intro to HTML/CSS: Build Your Own Website Dallas, Texas, USA June 2019

Details Are you curious to learn codeing? Do you want to learn the basics of coding? This event is all about intro to HTML/CSS and you can attend it. Show your interest of participation in the event with RSVP on Eventbrite: If you are interested in coding but don’t know how & where to … Read more

Machine vision using deep-learning – Introduction and basics –Remote event New York, NY, USA June 2019

Details This remote event focuses on Machine Vision using deep learning. It would include introduction and basics of machine learning. You can join here: What does it include? This workshop will help you learn: What is a convolution neural network? What transfer learning and how to use it? When to use transfer learning on … Read more

Open Programming Session Berkeley California, USA June 2019

Details Join our session for an information session at café in Berkeley for all different programming languages. Beginners, programmers, or experienced developers can join the open session. You can call or text me to get all the information related to the session or registration. Save my phone number and feel free to contact me. Get … Read more

Mobile Apps: To SQL or Not to SQL Chicago, Illinois, USA June 2019

Details You all have seen many changes in the technology landscape during the innovation of mobile apps. It started with nearly 500 or less now cross the millions mark.  As languages, platforms, and styles have come and gone one thing, above all else, has gone on. Come join our meetup we look at mobile data … Read more

SEO & Digital Marketing Happy Hour Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA June 2019

Details Are you a member of meetup? You could but not, Then now you can signup on below facebook link. You think, why join our meetup member? Because good opportunity of learning, getting trained by experts and educating yourself on this fully technical based event. So Non-Meetup Members can sign up on Facebook with below … Read more

Woz U Software Developer Webinar – What to Know Before You Learn to Code? Scottsdale, Arizona, USA June 2019

Details The trend of the current world is building towards software development and you have definitely heard a lot of hype about it. Did you know how much demand in the year 2020 for software development jobs will be? There will be more than 1.4 million more software development jobs than applicants who can fill … Read more

Coffee & WordPress Santa Clara, Utah USA June 2019

Details When we hear about WordPress, our mind blinks usually about blogging, but WordPress is capable to do even more than that. WordPress has several plugins which can be used to build any kind of website, easy to use; thousands of themes can be updated. The main purpose of a WordPress, it is to be … Read more

Live AI workshop: step by step to machine learning New York, NY, USA, May 2019

Details Have you attended a live event? You could but not all, here we have come up with the great intent of educating and networking with maximum experts and interested people looking future in artificial intelligence. This is a live workshop. You can watch, follow, and Q&A with instructors from anywhere around the world. We … Read more

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & IPFS San Diego, California, USA May 2019

Details In this meetup, we will discuss of blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & IPFS. Install the Waves Wallet on your phone and you will be given some LEFTA, a Token we created on the Waves Platform. “The blockchain is the financial challenge of our time. It is going to change the way that our financial world operates.” … Read more

Python Lab: Handling Dirty and Missing Data Washington, District of Columbia, USA May 2019

Details In this meetup, we will learn how to master data cleansing. The first step in data science is manipulating and cleaning data. In fact, most of the data scientist’s time will be spent cleaning and “fixing” data. Participants will leave with a Jupyter notebook detailing deduplication, data replacement, missing data imputation, string matching, encoding, … Read more

Iterators, Decorators, & Generators – azPHP Meetup Phoenix Arizona USA May 2019

Details In this meetup, we will discuss about PHP Let’s Talk about PHP! The term PHP is an acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a server-side scripting language designed specifically for web development. PHP scripts can only be interpreted on a server that has PHP installed. “PHP is a minor evil perpetrated and created … Read more

Getting Started in Data Science Arlington Texas USA May 2019

Details Show your interest of participation in the event with RSVP on Eventbrite: Importance of data, and using it virtually, universally is explained in a simple one-line definition by JOHN ELDER “Learning from data is virtually universally useful. Master it and you will be welcomed anywhere.” Description Data scientists are a new breed of … Read more

Utah Angular Meetup South Jordan Utah USA May 2019

Details: Our May angular events will be special. All the participants whether a team or individual will be praised by the hero Devs as we angular elements will be praising the talent with prizes. The organizers will be given the same problem to solve using angular elements. Description: Angular elements are Angular components packaged as custom elements, … Read more

Shopify Merchants And Partners: Bring Your Questions! Austin Texas USA May 2019

Details: This meetup is all about the online store and Shopify. Designers, developers, SEO experts, business analysts all are invited to attend this meetup to Endeavour the key factor of the meetup. This meetup is more than just a meetup as its value is going to be increased by the experts and talented designers and … Read more

PostgreSQL Meetup Group Chicago Illinois USA May 2019

We’ll meet on Tuesday, May 21 for PostgreSQL Meetup at Chicago. Our favorite speaker Shaun Thomas from 2ndQuadrant is back. He would be presenting a talk: “From Zero to Hero: 10 Ways to Learn and Master Postgres.” All you need to know about PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-oriented database system that isn’t … Read more

Magento from Dev to Prod with GitLab CI Los Angeles California USA May 2019

This meetup would discuss about Magento from dev to prod using GitLab CI. Details: This meetup will help the attendees understand the Continuous Delivery Pipeline. It represents the activities and workflows related to automation that are required to make the much-needed changes that are easily traceable. The developers can learn Continuous Delivery pipeline using tools … Read more

Create and Deploy Your Own Website on a Custom Domain Morrisville North Carolina USA May 2019

Details The warmest topics of this meeting are domain registration, DNS and static site generation. You will learn how to add a custom domain to GitHub? And will focus on the Wyam tool for statically generate content. It is an ASP.NET Web Programming Using the Razor Syntax (C#). We will look at combining static site … Read more

Sugar Land WordPress Meetup Sugar Land Texas USA May 2019

Timing Format: 7:00 – 7:15 – Networking7:15 – 7:25 – Intro & News7:25 – 8:30 – Presentation8:30 – 8:45 – WordPress 1018:45 – 9:00 – Q&A Details: WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP & MySQL. It is a popular blogging software and a content management system. WordPress is really … Read more

Ruby Meetup – Firebolt Talks: Tempe, Arizona, USA May 2019

Details: Let’s now this time for something new learning on a ruby. Ruby on Rails is open source software, It is not the same thing as Ruby. Ruby on Rails is basically a collection of shortcuts written in Ruby that lets you build web applications, basically websites, really quickly. Ruby is to Rails as PHP … Read more

Special Triple Treats from the OSGi Alliance Expert Group – Chicago Illinois USA May 2019

Introduction: OSGi Alliance Expert Group is coming to town!! Come and meet members of the OSGi Alliance Expert Group. See and hear 2 of the members, Raymond and BJ, present 3 special topics. Don’t forget to bring your OSGi questions with you too if you have any. OSGi Alliance website: If you are new … Read more

Intro to JavaScript – Variables, Control Flow, and Looping Venice, California, USA May 2019

Details Join us at our Los Angeles HQ in Venice to master the fundamentals of JavaScript. No one is born master but with the practice and experts help one can definitely become master. This event is organized specifically taking beginners in mind. To get the full experience from the experienced experts, we recommend coming onsite, … Read more

Blockchain: The Future of Technology Meetup New York, NY, USA, May 2019

Details RSVP via EventBrite only 🙂 If you have been following banking, investing, or cryptocurrency over the last ten years, you may be familiar with “blockchain,” the record-keeping technology behind bitcoin. What is blockchain? Blockchain is literally just a chain of blocks, but not in the traditional sense of those words. When we say … Read more

Beyond the Slideshow: Website Animation Tools for WordPress Portland Oregon USA May 2019

Details It’s usually said, that people respond to art, the concept of the website and animation is all about the quote that is “it’s sold what is visible” In this meetup, Jenny Stoffel will be discussing website animation tools for WordPress. Many people like to have animation on their website, where just being a developer … Read more

Philly Tech Week BlockChain| Machine learning| Artificial intelligence | Big Data| FinTech Innovation Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA May 2019

Details: Philadelphia is one of the best cities in the country and is a hub of information technology.  We are going to celebrate Philly tech week of software and technology from May 3rd- May 11th, 2019, and there are 65 events organized into 7 different tracks – creative, Access, Dev, Civic, Business, Media and Sciences. … Read more

Social Media for Business – Class & Working Session in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Details Social media has made the world small and is a great source of meeting new people and fulfilling their needs. Social media offers many benefits to business owners, as it allows to reach out there customers and to gain the attention of more people/potential customers. Recent social media marketing has shown that social media … Read more

NodeJS: Orchestrating async with RXJS and RxHelper Chicago Illinois USA May 2019

Details Title: Rx-Helper – Write Decoupled, Streaming Real-time Apps with RxJS To make a complete website and applications there requires several modules, libraries, framework in order to build a complete working website and apps. One person cannot survive alone and a house of just four walls is nothing but a square box, we require several … Read more

MongoDB Stitch Meetup Chicago Illinois USA May 2019

Details As a developer, agile development is crucial to your workflow. You need to move fast, but the boilerplate code for tasks like authentication, integration of third-party services, and access to data, often gets in the way of building the core components of your application. When you build client-side applications such as mobile apps or … Read more

Open API for .NET Developers, Greenwich Connecticut USA May 2019

Details Website and applications made by the .net developer are incomplete or is with limited functionalities of getting more business in the absence of an API. API plays a vital role in getting the two computers or data interact with each other at the same time. .Net developers develop a wide range of applications—from the … Read more

JavaScript Workshop Meetup Phoenix Arizona USA May 2019

Details A human cannot think of living without water, the same way no IT Company can sustain without Java. Websites, Web Applications, Server Applications, Web servers are programmed under JavaScript. JavaScript remains the most accessible programming language on the planet. Interested participants are invited to join us at Phoenix library for mentorship, code reviews, discussion … Read more

Machine Learning in Clinical Trials and R or Python or Both? Pennsylvania USA May 2019

Details: We are in the 21st century and have achieved a lot of milestones in the field of technology and medical (health care) industry. Yet as time is passing, the life of people is getting short and the reason behind that are new diseases. Health is the most important factor for every living being, as … Read more

Quantum Computing for Java Developers – Malvern Pennsylvania USA May 2019

Details Computers have now become an important part of our life. If we talk about research, space exploration, or technical advancement nothing can be done without Computer. We have reduced the size of the computer and have increased the speed of the computers too as compare to the past where computers used to be the … Read more

Get Help with Your WordPress Website Meetup West Jordan Utah USA May 2019

Details When we hear about WordPress, our mind blinks usually about blogging, but WordPress is capable to do even more than that. WordPress is now widely used by developers and bloggers. Bloggers first choice is WordPress whereas WordPress is now used widely for creating business websites especially for entrepreneurs and small businessmen. WordPress has several … Read more

SLC DevOps Days Conference South Jordan Utah USA May 14-15, May 2019

Details: We all have been bored with the lengthy process performed by the company in the subject to deliver the product or a website to the customer which has to be passed through between numerous teams and their members, which is a vast and time-consuming process. Want to hear good new? Here it is, we … Read more

Building IoT Application with C# Chicago, Illinois, USA April 2019

Details Let’s Talk about IoT! IoT stands for internet of things which can further be known as internet of everything in a simple term, as now a days we the people are connected to each other only because of the INTERNET due to which we feel the world tiny and can communicate with any person … Read more

PHP User Group Meeting Las Vegas May 2019

Event Details This is the monthly meet-up for the PHP users. There will be one or more presentations on relevant topics in PHP Development. There’ll also be a statement regarding up to date developments and events in the PHP group of people. Be sure to follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( Go Through … Read more